How To Use Pendrive As Ram In Windows

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December 21, 2017
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Hello welcome to Many of my friends ask me that “Is it possible to increase your computer’s or laptop’s ram by using a normal pendrive”. So, today this post is for all those who want to use pendrive as a ram in Windows XP/Vista/7/8 any version.

Basically, there are two types of memory in your PC & Laptop -Hard Disk and RAM. Hard Disk are the main data storage unit of PC & Laptop and they store huge amount of data but much slower than RAM.

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RAM stands for Random Access Memory. This means Information can be retrieve and store by the computer at any order. RAM gives your computer a temporary place to process electronic data. This means that, RAM chips continue to store information only as long as computer has electrical power. In other words, when you shut off your computer, all the data stored in RAM are lost. The data or information stored in RAM is in small pieces and it’s faster to access them than accessing information directly from Hard Disk. So in this post i am going to tell you how you can use pendrive as RAM in Windows for that follow the steps below properly.

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Using a USB Pen Drive as RAM in Windows XP

First of all, you need a fully functional and formatted Pen drive.

Go to main Desktop and right click on My Computer.

You will found Advanced Tab, click on it.

Click on Settings under Performance.

You will found Advanced Tab, click on it.

Now, click on the Changebutton under Virtual memory.

Select your USB drive.

Click on Custom Size button and give the values.

  • The size depends upon the free memory capacity of your pendrive. You can change this limit according to your pendrive size.

Now, click on set and then OK.

Restart the computer with pendrive inserted. The speed of your computer will be definitely increased.

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Using a USB Pen Drive as RAM in Windows Vista/7/8

Insert your pen drive and format it.

Right click on your pen drive and now click on “Properties”.

Click on ‘Ready boost’ tab and then on ‘Use this device’.

Choose maximum space to reserve system speed

Click on OK and Apply.

You’re done! Use your pen drive as RAM.


  • Pen drive need to stay plugged in constantly in order to function as RAM because, If you remove it, your entire system will shut down, and you risk corrupting important system files. It is best to use a reliable, micro-USB and/or have it stuck firmly to the computer.
  • To safely stop using your pen drive as RAMyou have to plug a flash drive or flash memory card into your computer. In the Autoplay dialog box, under General options, click Speed Up My System. In the Properties dialog box, click the ReadyBoost tab, and then turn ReadyBoost off, click Do Not Use This Device.

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