Transfer a simple php website from localhost to server

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January 11, 2018
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Transfer a simple php website from localhost to server

Hello friends, I am a professional web developer and i had started this blog website few months ago. Till now, i just posted blogs about some tech tricks and gadgets reviews. From today, I am starting to post blogs regarding web designing and development. I will write here the techniques and codes, which i used in my professional use. The prior reason to start this blog is to help young developers and students to make ease on web development.

In my first post regarding web development, I will show you how to transfert a simple php or html based website from localhost to server. At the starting of their career, most of the web developers and students makes the websites on the localhost and with no doubt, they make it working on localhost. But most of the people at that time don’t know how to transfer that site from localhost to server. In this blog you will easily understand how to transfer your html or php website from localhost to server.

I will define you the whole process in just few steps. Just follow these steps as given below:-

1- First zip all the files in the root folder in your localhost.

2- Than, go to the phpmyadmin in your localhost ans select your database, than go to the export section and download the database in a SQL file.

3- Now, log into your hosting account. In the file manager, upload the zip file in the root folder and extract it there.

4- Now go to the cpanel and click on “MySQL Databases”. In that you have to create a new database and a new user, and add the user to the database.

5- Now go to “phpMyAdmin” and select the database you had created before. Than click on import and select the SQL file and click on the “GO” button to import the database.

6- Now you are almost done. You just have to change the name of Database, username and password in the connection file of your website.

After these doing 6 steps, you have fully transferred your php/html website from localhost to server. Now you can see the website to the domain, which is connected with your server hosting.

NOTE:- If your website does not contains a database, than you just have to do the point number 1 and 3.

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