How to send self-destructing emails?

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December 26, 2017
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self-destructing emails
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Hello friends, Today I will tell you about “how to send self-destructing emails”. You can send the self-destructing emails by your gmail account.

By default, google does not provide an inbuilt option to send self-destructing emails. But we can do it with third-party extensions. I will tell you about the best third-party extension to send self-destructing emails. Mail2Cloud is such a kind of that extension. Mail2Cloud is a Google Chrome extension that adds an awesome new feature to Google’s Gmail: Self-Destructing Emails.

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How to send self-destructing emails by gmail?

Mail2Cloud extension allowed you to send upto 10 self-destructing emails per month. The self-destructing emails does not mean that the emails were deleted from the email account of the recipient. Only the content of the email will be deleted.

I will define you the whole process of sending self-destructing emails in some points. Let’s start:-

  1. Download & install Mail2Cloud google extension.
  2. Sign in to your gmail account.
  3. Compose the mail you want to send and add the email id of the recipient.
  4. Select the option “mxHero” next to the Send option.
  5. Now a pop-up window will open. In the pop-up window, you’ll see some options.
    Total Track – Track number of clicks on links and attachments.
    Self Destruct – Self-destruct the contents of email 5 minutes after the recipient has opened it.
    Private Delivery – Send a private email to multiple recipients.
    Send Later – Schedule the email to be sent at a specified time.
    Reply TimeOut – Set a timeout for replying. For example, if you set the reply timeout to 24 hours and the recipient doesn’t reply within this time, you will get a notification for this unanswered email.
  6. Click on the “Send” option to provide self-destruct permission to the extension.
  7. Send the email.

After this, the self-destructing email will be sent to the recipient. You will get a notification when the email is read or the attachment is downloaded by the recipient.

As I discussed above, using this technique only content will be deleted from the email. If you want to delete the whole email than you should use “Disposable Email Account”.

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Disposable Email Accounts

You can use disposable email accounts to hide your identity from the recepient. Disposable Email accounts are temporary email addresses which can be used to send anonymous emails. These email accounts are mostly public and do not require passwords to sign in. There are various websites which provides disposable email accounts to the users. I will tell you about some of those websites.

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Top 10 Best Disposable Email Account Providers Website

These are the top 10 disposable email account provider website. You can send disposable emails to anyone from these websites.

  1. 20 Minute Mail
  2. 10 Minute Mail
  3. My Trash Mail
  4. My Temp Email
  5. Jetable
  6. No Spam
  7. Yop Mail
  8. Gueiralla Mail
  9. Mailnator
  10. Mint Email

Users can send self-destructing email to Gmail or any email account. Your email will be deleted after some sort of time. This is the best way to send self-destructing emails to any email account. You can use any of the above-shared websites to send self-destruction email. Don’t forget to share this article and help your friends by sending self-destructing emails.

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