How to make your PC/Laptop 20 times Faster?

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November 26, 2017
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December 3, 2017
How to make your PC/Laptop 20 times Faster
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How to make your PC/Laptop run 20 times Faster?

Are you fed up of your PC/Laptops’s slow speed. Are you getting high booting time and low performance and you know what, the reason behind this is not your RAM and ROM.

Yeah, you heard it right, its not necessary that your PC/Laptop is slow because of low RAM and ROM. Sometime, its depends upon the “Type of HARD DISK” you are using. If you are using a HDD then your PC/Laptop will definitely slow.

pc laptop 20 times faster

The rate at which technology has developed in the past half a century is astonishing. Innovation and advancement have changed the way that the world operates in more ways than one. In the modern day life the things become smaller and faster. Now there is a new hard disk will come in the market called “WD PCIe Black M2 SSD”. This hard disk is smaller than the traditional hard disks but it is very much faster than those ones. Its read and write speed is 450 mbps.

Implement on System

The size of this hard disk is equal to a RAM. This hard disk is applicable for both desktops and laptops. In the laptop, you can normally insert it into the slot which is given for hard disks.

If you wanna implement your hard disk to the desktop, than you need an adopter which you can buy online from here. Than, you have to insert your hard disk into that adopter by using some screws. Than you just have to attach that adopter to the motherboard of your desktop and your pc will be ready to run faster.

This hard disk will increase the booting speed of your pc by 3 times. The read and write speed will also increased approx 3 times by using this hard disk. So, we suggest you to replace your current hard disk by this if you want to make your system faster.

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