How To Get Free PayPal Money For Answering Surveys and Polls?

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How To Get Free PayPal Money
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Hello friends, Today we are going to tell you, how you can get free paypal money for just answering simple surveys and polls.

First app is “Citizenme” and it pays you instantly to complete short surveys on your phone.

1. Citzenme

Citizenme App

Citizenme (Click here to download) works on the idea that you should be rewarded for sharing your data. We put so much personal data out there every day on Facebook, Twitter and other networks, which those companies profit from by selling to advertisers. The idea behind the app is that we can choose to sell our data directly to businesses who want it.

citizen me

When you log in you will see there are a few different kinds of task available, which are all colour coded. Green for paid tasks, dark blue for ‘insights’, light blue for ‘fun’ (unpaid) surveys.

The insights are kind of interesting. They are basically short surveys which will then analyse your data and give you some feedback. Another nice feature is that sometimes there are surveys for charity. These surveys are unpaid, but the data (your answers) are donated to the charity for their own research purposes.

The paid surveys can be few and far between, but if you allow notifications, the app will let you know as soon as there is a paid survey available, so you don’t have to keep checking in. Oh, and all your data and survey answers are completely anonymous.

Show me the money

I just downloaded the app a few days ago. I got a £0.10 survey on my first day.

citizen me

These are super short, multiple choice surveys that literally only take seconds to do! And there’s no getting screened out like with most of the bigger survey sites.

One great thing about Citizenme is that the payment is sent to your PayPal account instantly as soon as you finish a paid survey. No need to or send a request wait until you reach a minimum level.

Literally, as soon as I completed my first paid survey I logged straight into PayPal and my first pound was already sitting there! It’s kind of fun to see instant rewards like that ?

Obviously nobody is ever going to get rich doing surveys like these, BUT if you load up your phone with several of these apps, it all adds up and you can make a handful of extra cash each month for very little work.

2. Streetbees

streetbees trick

Streetbees is an online survey app , that pays you for completing different tasks and surveys. In most of the tasks you have to send your answers and earn good amount of paypal cash. Sometime you have to upload photo related to different task such as pic of your cooking area, favourite news channel etc , then always click photo with your smartphone , never download it from internet else you disqualify  for the survey.

How to create an account on streetbees app:

  • Click here to download the streetbees app
  • Now next step is to register for a new account and verify your phone number via otp.
  • Now go to profile section and complete it , by filling required details such as paypal  email id , name , age , gender etc.
  • Once your profile is completed, then wait for the new task ,  they will notify you as soon as it’s available and you can also check it manually by going to current task section.
  • Now complete the task and you get paid in your paypal account.

How to redeem your earning ?

  • You can redeem your earning in your paypal account , and after that  you have an option to send it in your bank account .
  • paypal takes almost 24 hours to transfer your earning into your  bank account.
  • For receiving money from outside india , it’s mandatory to fill pan card number in your paypal account.

When and Where new surveys are available ?

There is no fixed time or date for availability of new online surveys. You have to check their “current task” section for getting information related to new surveys.




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