10 Things You Should NEVER Do On Your ANDROID Phone

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10 Things You Should NEVER Do On Your ANDROID Phone
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10 Things You Are Doing Wrong!

In the daily life almost every people will use mobile phones and most of the peoples were use android phones. Our phones were became an important part of our life. Sometimes our mobiles were damages by our own faults.

Today, I am telling you 10 things which you should never do on your android phone.

1:- Installing Apps from Unknown Sources.

If you want an app for your android phone, than you should have to download that app from Google Play Store. But may peoples just search for that app on the google and visits to different websites. Many peoples will do this work for getting the paid app for free of cost. But you should never do this thing. This may be harm your mobile phones by sending malicious codes to your phones and damage the data in your phone.

2:- Killing Apps from Recent Apps Menu.

Most of the android users do this thing everyday. They open the recent app menu and deleting the recent apps by swiping left, right. They think that this will increase the speed of their mobile phones. This will harmful for your phone. When you delete and app from recent apps menu and open again that app, the system will start that app from the beginning. This process will take more time and it will effect on the processor and battery also.

recent apps

3:- Using An Antivirus Software.

After buying a new phone, many peoples were install antivirus in their mobile phones. Actually you doesn’t need any antivirus until you download apps and files from the trusted sources. If you use antivirus in your mobile phones than it also giving load to the processor. We recommend you to not install any antivirus in your android phone.


4:- Using Battery Savers.

Everyone wants to increase the battery life of their phones. Many Peoples were installed different battery savers to increase the battery life of their android phones. The battery savers does not do any special work on your phone. They just do the same work which is mentioned in 2nd point as not to do. Along with it, the battery saver just do some basic things like turn off wifi and bluetooth when you did not use them, decrease the brightness of your phone screen etc. You can do those work by yourself also. So we suggest you to do not use any battery saver in your android phone.

battery saver

5:- Installing Fake Apps.

On the google play store, there are millions of apps available. If you search of an application on play store, there will be thousands of other similar apps are available. Most of those apps are useless, which will not work properly and also harmful for your phone. They can hang your phone or maybe show adds every time.
So we recommend you to install the apps after watching the reviews. If there were many bad reviews over there just forget about that.

fake apps

6:- Clearing Cache Memory.

Every people want good storage space in their phone memory. For that many peoples were installed different cleaning apps like C Cleaner. Those apps just delete the cache data prom your phone memory. But you did not have any need to install such apps. The cache data is important for your phone. The cache data is also called as temporary data. This data is stored by the apps in your phone. For example, if you search for a place on google map, than it will be stored in cache data. When you open that app again, the app will show you the previous places you have searched before. If you clear that data than you have to type that place again.
So we recommend you not to use any such app.

7:- Trusting Fake Messages.

You may have got messages over whatsapp, facebook and several other sources to install diffirent apps. They may be promised for giving you money, free recharges and several other greedy offers. But you don’t have to trust on them. Those apps may be harmful for your android phone. So, beware of those messages and don’t believe on them.

8:- Rooting without Knowing.

Rooting is like a fashion over these days. After buying android smartphone many peoples want to root their android phones. If you know what is rooting and how to root, than only you have to do it, otherwise it may be harm you phone. So we recommend you to not to root without knowing about that.

9:-Ignoring App Permissions.

In the android’s latest version, there will be a feature available to enable or disable permissions for the applications. When you install any app it will asks you to allow or deny for the permissions. You should not have to ignore those permissions.
For example if you install whatsapp in your phone, it will asks you for access to contacts, mic, GPS and several other things. But if a simple torch application asks you for access to GPS or contacts, than you have to diny them.

app permission

10:- Not Restarting Your Phone.

This is the last and very simple point. Most of the people will use their phone continuously for months or years. Your phone will also want some break. You should have to restart your android smartphone approx in a week. After restarting your phone, you should feel your phone fresh and light.

10 Things You Should NEVER Do
These are the things, which you should never do with your android phone.


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